“Dive into an unforgettable look at oppression, abuse and the power to persevere to a real-life happily after.”

Kailua, HI Dec. 26— Inspirational author and educator, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland will debut her inspirational Memoir “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball: An Untold Story of Abuse, Rescue and Rehab” March 7, 2015. On Christmas Day she will be sending her subscribers a sneak peek at her work through the companion of her memoir, a Women’s devotional--Seven Days of Redemption. She is planning an intimate “Sip ‘n See” social in March for her launch.

Dr. Shaunte’, a former Ferguson-Florissant Teacher in Ferguson, MO and founder of nonprofit organization CJ’s Friends, has been working toward publication for six years while completing a doctorate degree and raising a military family.  In addition, she is the founder of “The Woman I’ve Become,” an online blog and community aimed at helping women discover the secret to healing from their past and becoming better women for their families.

Set in the small town of Pine Bluff, the nation’s seventh most dangerous city for women, “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball”, is a redemptive story of Shaunte McFarland, a lower-middle class teenage girl whose innocence was stripped from her at age four. Her physical and emotional abuse continued for years. When she is refused help, after revealing her circumstance to a school counselor, Shaunte’ almost takes her life. When she discovers the power of love from complete strangers, her life takes a turn for better.  If it weren’t for a few selfless acts, she would have been dead or worse.

LeDora Stribling, civil engineer and high-level book reviewer said, “When I read ‘Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball’, it was right on time. This book exposed a lot of what is hidden in not just the African American community, but also other backgrounds. When I started to review this book, I was in a private war within myself. I felt lost, confused and defeated…once I read this book, I prepared for WAR!!!! It built me back up and challenge me to get out and declare and decree once again.

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Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland
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