Simel Bey is a multifacted, intriguing person. Author, healer, teacher and philanthropist Bey has combined many of his diverse interests into his new book, the recently released “The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Story of Defiance and Triumph”, telling the story of an African who shares his unique art in challenging circumstances.

Many people would argue that the best authors come from very interesting and diverse backgrounds. Author Simel Bey's back story would certainly support that idea strongly. A skilled educator, medical herbalist and philanthropist, in addition to being a published author, his work has been credited with opening up cross cultural doors that would otherwise have likely remained closed. Recently, Bey announced the release of his new book “ "The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Story of Defiance and Triumph”( , which tells the exciting adventure of a warrior abducted from Africa, brought to Brazil in chains and who shares his native martial art, Capoeria, with his new found friends in the most difficult of circumstances imaginable.

“The history and art of Capoeria are one of my passions along with the trials and tribulations of the African people,” commented Bey, a very well regarded natural healer, who is well known for using traditional methods to bring back vibrant health. “I thought 'The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Story of Defiance and Triumph' presented the perfect storytelling opportunity to educate and inspire. I think people are going to really appreciate this book for a long time to come.”

The book is published by Divine World Publishing, and is being made available not only through the usual means, but is also intended for schools, libraries and other educational resources where this inspirational tale of African culture and history can have a great impact on youth.

Early reviews have been wildly enthusiastic.

Lula Marcondes. Brazilian architect, musician, painter, and Capoeirista Angoleiro, recently said, “Through Simel’s eyes we reach Besege’s heart and intensely live the beautiful story of this little boy’s life. And his story was the same of millions of women and men who experienced the African Diaspora and overcame this tragic chapter of human history. This book is a tribute to Candomblé and Capoeira, two key expressions of resilience of African
descendants in Brazil.”

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