Novi, MI — May 5, 2015 — Rachelle Smith has launched a 30-day campaign for The Leader Within: Maximizing Your Potential project. The book will inspire, empower, and equip aspiring and current leaders of all types to be their best.

“There’s a real epidemic of leaders who for one reason or another struggle in their roles. For some, it’s a confidence issue. For others, it’s a lack of training and development to enhance their skills. While there may be many things outside of our control as leaders, we can control our own learning and development,” Smith says.  

In a November 2011 article, Clinical Sports and Performance Psychologist and Author Dr. Jack Stark cites the top ten reasons why leaders fail:

1.    Greed
2.    Insecurity
3.    Power
4.    Arrogance
5.    Narcissism
6.    Paranoia
7.    Manic Behavior
8.    Addictions
9.    Burnout & Depression
10.    Moral Deficiencies

“It’s my passion to help others be successful. Leadership is something we all experience on a daily basis, whether we’re leading others or being led. This Kickstarter project is an opportunity for others to partner with my monumental mission to change the paradigm of leadership for individuals,” Smith added.

The book’s contents will include the following chapters:
1. Confidence    
2. Courage
3. Integrity
4. Influence
5. Trust
6. Vision
7. Communication
8. Humility
9. Development
10. Adaptability
11. Resiliency
12. Mentors
13. Boundaries
14. Diversity

For more information on The Leader Within: Maximizing Your Potential Kickstarter project, visit The campaign runs from April 28, 2015, to May 28, 2015, with a fundraising goal of $2,000 (USD).

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