Bellevue, Wa  April 17, 2015
Author Amber Richards offers home gardeners strategies for improving soil conditions in her book titled,  How To Improve Soil Condition in Your Garden.

Growing fruit and vegetables at home has been a tradition in many families for generations, although it can also be a new endeavor for others.   Yet, in a general sense, for a myriad of reasons the soil we have today is much less fertile than it was generations ago.

In more recent years however, more people are returning to growing home gardens.  Reasons for this trend vary, for some it is the health aspect of not wanting chemicals of pesticides and fertilizers on the food they ingest.  For others, it is for the joy of gardening for its own sake, while still others  it is for economic reasons, it can be a huge financial savings to grow your own produce for a portion of the year.  Likely, it’s a combination of all three factors.

Richards state, “soil is the very foundation of a garden, without rich healthy soil, its going to be nearly impossible to have a healthy, thriving garden.  No matter what type of soil you are dealing with, it can be improved, which directly effects your plants and vegetables.”

While amending and caring for the soil, may not be the most exciting part of  gardening, it is one thing that can make some of the most significant impact on the garden.  There are strategies that can be employed nearly year around to improve soil condition.   The more these become annual tasks over a longer term, the more powerful the results will be.

The book is available in e-book or paperback formats, and is written in a short, to the point format for readers who appreciate a ‘no fluff’ style.

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