Miracle Alternatives, LLC is now an authorized dealer for the original Russian Healing Blanket.

New Lenox, Il, 11/4/2015 ? Perhaps you have heard of the Russian Healing Blanket, or perhaps you have not.
Miracle Alternatives, LLC is now an authorized dealer of the one and only authentic Russian Healing blanket.
James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives said, "There are a few different so called healing blankets on the market including the Internet. There are even some knock-off Russian Healing Blankets as well. However we sell the non real Russian Healing Blanket on the market. Infant, when you order it is usually drop shipped to the customer anywhere in the world directly from Russia."
The Russian Healing Blanket benefits.

HEALING BLANKETS can treat and possibly cure you of many diseases, rehabilitate and prevent diseases, relieve from stress, depression and chronic fatigue, etc. And this is by far not all what they can do.

- normal immunity
- better synchronized biorhythms
- improved activity of the body?s regulatory and protective systems
- less vegetative and hormonal imbalance
- increased functional reserves and better adaptation of the body.

All the above-mentioned effects provide body?s resistance to diseases and deleterious effects, reduce frequency and severity of diseases, determine time and efficiency of treatment, relieve stress and depression, improve your mood and capacity for work?

OLM-01 (TMB-01) healing blankets are used to:
1. Save and strengthen your health
2. Prevent diseases
3. Treat diseases and disorders
4. Rehabilitate patients, aged people, disabled people and incurable patients
5. Increase the effectiveness of combined treatment
6. Decrease side effects
7. Reduce drug doses

To use OLM-01 , simply wrap yourself in it!
The original Russian Healing Blanket is protected by Russian and foreign patents, has all licensing documents. OLM-01 is recommended for application by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. "Our Russian Healing Blankets that we sell have been awarded prizes and medals." James Matthew said.

How to identify a fake Russian Healing Blanket compared to an authentic original Russian Healing Blanket.
The Authentic Russian Healing Blanket is as the following;
Russian Healing Blanket®
Also Known As The "Healing Blanket"
Notice the official "Russian Blanket Logo"!)
Our blankets are the ONE and the ONLY real Russian Healing Blankets!
If it doesn't include the official "LOGO" chances are it a fake!
The "Healing Blanket" is a therapeutic device made as a blanket that has a shield (protective) layers.
Approximate Dimensions?
215 x 160 centimeters
84.64"x 62.99 Inches
4.85 lbs (2.2kg)
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Summary: Miracle Alternatives, LLC is one of the very few authorized dealers of the one and only Russian Healing blanket.
Visit the Russian Healing Blanket product web page for description, pictures and video demonstrations.
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