22 March 2013 - Time Magazine reported recently on the intense heat wave gripping Australia. According to its website, “Temperatures are so high that Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has added new colors to its weather forecasting chart to represent the record-breaking heat.”

This is a serious problem for Australia. Global weather patterns could mean similar issues for other parts of the world. The Water Factor captivates any reader’s attention with an impeccable mark on water variations for foreign countries. Many families are suffering overseas and this appears to be a possible resolution to drinking clean water; things that US citizens take for granted because they do not face such atrocities. In some cases, water pollution occurs when pollutants drain into rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water. Furthermore, pollutants can be in the form of chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and even mulch or dirt. Oftentimes, rainwater washes the particles into the water bodies.

“We at freshwaterFACTORY recognize the difficulties facing the World and Australians right now, and there is a really significant possibility of a fresh water shortage as a consequence,” said Wally Royal, CEO of freshwaterFACTORY.

The small company started a few years ago with the goal of creating fresh water from the atmosphere, but it fell short of getting off of the ground. It was successful in creating 3 technologies that created 150 litres a day, but they were powered by electricity, and had a ‘cost’ associated with the end product.

“Basically, we failed because we could not generate enough capital to finalize our solar technology. The REAL end product we were aiming for……and still are. The knowledge, technology and people are there; we just need some financial help,” Royal said. “And that is why we are turning to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to turn our vision into a reality. It will be backpack sized running off solar AND switching to electricity at night — sitting on balconys and back verandahs of homes.”

Crowdfunding is a way for startup companies, artists and anyone needing funding to tap into the rich resources of the Internet. People are free to donate as much as they choose and often get nice benefits in return. One is to have your name as an associate Editor of liner (setup installation) notes on all units sold.

“By using crowdfunding, we hope to help not only Australia, but the World gain more fresh, safe and clean drinking water Our best market is homes and apartments that can use between 100 and 200 litres of water a day for the family. Eventually, our goal is that fresh water is available anywhere for anyone – at a very low cost,” Royal added.

Those interested in learning more about freshwaterFACTORY should visit their Facebook page and download the Indiegogo sneak preview pdf at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-WATER/472969986083126