My name is Mitch Brownlie; I am currently trying to expand my pair of barber shops into a global chain. Within the next few years I hope to have a Klippt barber shop chain operating across the world 
Klippt has been successfully operating & expanding for the last few years, thanks to exceptional staff, detailed protocols & the very best customer service, not to mention; great haircuts. We currently operate shops out of Brisbane & Toowoomba in Queensland. 

So how exactly do I intend on completing this seemingly impossible task? I'm glad you asked.

Through crowd-funding on we are attempting to raise an initial $150,000 required to expand the shops across Australia. However we hope to raise more then that, which will give the business the edge required in order to expand overseas, bringing quality men's cuts to people around the world. 

Link to campaign here

Now for the plan to succeed; all I need is for a substantial number of people to mosey on over to our crowd funding page and chip in whatever they can afford. As well as spread the word about to your friends, about what we are planning on doing, and how we are attempting to do it. 

If we can get enough people involved, this has the potential to be the biggest crowd funding attempt so far. Having said that, you should know I'm a very optimistic person. 

Now you have to ask, what's in it for you, the supporter? Well, I'm glad you asked. 

We have provided a number of incentives, in order to incite more people to become involved. For those who only want to pledge a smaller amount, for $20 you will receive a gift card which entitles you to a stylish men's cut, at any of our (future) Klippt locations around Australia & hopefully the world. 

As for all the big spenders out there, the incentives are a little more exciting. How would you like having an unlimited supply of haircuts for a year? 

Well we can do hook you up with exactly that, all you have to do is hook us up with a $100 pledge. 

Now the last incentive i'm going to mention may very well blow your mind. You have been warned. 

For all those people out there who would love nothing more then seeing Klippt become a massive world wide success, we're going to give them something no-one else on the planet can claim to have. For anyone who pledges $50,000 or me, they will get a Klippt barber store to call their very own, in any city they should desire. On top of that are the obligatory free haircuts for the rest of your life. 

This is a huge plan, which needs heaps of support. So please head on over to the site, join in the project & help make a difference for all those people who need a haircut, but just don't know where to go.

The campaign will be running for the next 60 days, I will be available for interviews, or if you just want a chat, any time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as well as any support you can offer.

Mitch Brownlie
+61 (0)407 580 284
[email protected]
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

You can find out more about Klippt here

Help out with the campaign here

And learn more about Mitch Brownlie, here