Louis Vuitton never ceases to thrill its clients with the way it manages to re-create its classic designs by adjusting certain structural or visual elements and playing around with a multitude of new and innovative materials. For this season, LV re-creates the much-loved Louis Vuitton Alma in miniature. Australia Online StoreX suggests these three great ways to style the mini Louis Vuitton Alma.

1. Youthful. There is something decidedly fresh and childlike about this season's trends. There is an overwhelming amount of fresh colour, with a decided preference for pastels and fluorescent shades. These vibrant hues are paired with gold for a very feminine touch. To wear the mini Alma in a youthful manner, a woman can simply pair it with some high-waisted shorts and a cheer chiffon top. A pair of ballet flats, or better yet some low-heeled sandals that show off a baby blue or carnation pink pedicure would complete the look.

2. Sexy. There is nothing more womanly than the shape of the Louis Vuitton Alma. This Art Deco bag has a structured silhouette that tends to be prim and proper, but in miniature this purse becomes decidedly flirtatious. Nevertheless, the Alma is one classy bag. To showcase a woman's charm and allure, the mini Alma can be worn with a short, breezy chiffon dress that is nipped at the waist with a narrow belt. Bare, satiny-smooth legs and a pair of platform heels or wedges.

3. Classic. The miniature Alma is the perfect bag for pulling off a graceful, timeless look. Carry this bag with your favourite little black dress. To give more dimensions to the look, match the bag with a frock that has some fullness at the waist. Put on a pair of pretty shoes with feminine touches like a simple bow or a slim ankle strap. A small string of pearls would not hurt either.

The mini Louis Vuitton Alma comes in hues of old rose and fuchsia. It carries all the features of a regular-sized Alma bag scaled down appropriately. It also has a convenient bandolier strap that allows the wearer to keep both hands free.

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