Boca Raton, Florida — Aurora Alexandru’s healing and coaching sessions focus on fast changes, without having anyone reliving any sort of pain. Alexandru is now offering her expert services for children and teenagers.

When working with clients, Aurora Alexandru can create quick and permanent changes at the subconscious level. She can clear phobias in as little as a session or two, as well as help those who may be suffering from a lack of motivation in some area of their life.

Aurora Alexandru serves customers from all walks of life; men, women, students, and now adolescents can all benefit from Alexandru’s help. The modalities that Aurora Alexandru uses access consciousness and quantum mechanics, which helps her bring results fast.

Alexandru can do energetically anything from changing beliefs and convictions, to altering virtues and qualities, and even helping people success in tasks, work, and sports. According to Aurora Alexandru, “What a person typically achieves in an hour session with these modalities is the equivalent of a year of counseling sessions and talk therapy.” Alexandru added, “I believe that the greatest vision of our greatest version is rarely achieved due to faulty subconscious programming.”

The subconscious mind can be controlled, and Alexandru attempts to do that while “cleaning the mental engine.” When it comes to her new extension of work with adolescents, Aurora Alexandru explained her reasoning for working with them. She said, “I believe that parents these days can help their children at an early age, so they don’t face a series of traumas and setbacks that could have been avoided.”

One of Aurora Alexandru’s quotes that guides her work with others is from Norman Vincent Peale. Peale reasoned, “Your mind is an instrument designed to serve you, not to destroy you. When uncontrolled, your mind can be very damaging to you, but when controlled it can develop unlimited power.” She invites you today to discipline your mind through fewe session of healing and be closer to achieving your dream life.

To learn more about Aurora Alexandru and her services, visit her website at . To contact Alexandru, email at [email protected]