What would you like to have?

Is a common question everybody asks the guest and after knowing visitor’s choice, he/she is served the same. Similarly if a student doing 12th class is asked the same question, he will straight way ask you to provide him help to prepare for five year’s integrated course IPM being run by IIM Indore.  

Every body in the universe is habitual of viewing the dreams, a natural gift poured in human being by Almighty. The kinds of dreams differ from person to person, but for a student doing 12th class, the only dream is to join such a course responsible to establish his future career, and five years’ integrated course in management (IPM) is certainly amongst students’ premium choices.

Indian Institute of management (IIM) Indore is the only academic institution of our country, which is running IPM course for more than 3 years. The institute ranks high amongst the top academic institutions of India. Miim, the image management institute based at Indore has been assisting the aspirants of IPM-IIM Indore through correspondence course from last two academic sessions and was successful to provide maximum selections for IIM Indore in two consecutive years, i.e. 2012 and 2013.

Atul Malikram, mentor, miim says” We have seen anxiety of students as well as their parents for identifying the sources through which they can approach their goals. The situation becomes critical when a student doing regular course, insists upon doing some parallel course for preparation of IPM. We understood the situation of wards and parents and decided to device such a course, which does not come in the way of regular course and a student doing 12th class can easily go through it. We are happy that our efforts brought fruitful results and good number of students doing our courses got admission in IIM Indore for two years in succession.”

“We have been asked by many as to what necessitated us to start correspondence course when regular courses are already in force. For such quarries we submit our comparisons as under:


Regular courses                                               correspondence courses

Could be done in specific time                   No restriction

Costly                                                                    Economical

Devised traditionally Devised                     keeping in view liking and needs of Students


As such if a student does our correspondence course, his regular course will not be disturbed and he/she can concentrate upon both the courses, simultaneously.”

“We have also started SKYPE facility this year. Now the students undergoing our correspondence course will be at liberty to consult our faculty on their problems, during their most relaxed period, even during late nights.” Atul added.   

The institution has been successful in providing admissions in IIM Indore  to many students, and is committed to prepare more aspirants, we are sure that the goals set by them will be achieved during years to come.   


For more information please contact:

Atul [email protected]