Orange County, California — Premiere Orange County attorney search firm Rifkin Consulting is offering free placement services to attorney candidates. Attorney candidates with a year or more of law firm experience are encouraged to contact Rifkin Consulting today to take advantage of a variety of free placement services. With access to lawyer jobs throughout California, Rifkin Consulting can help attorney candidates gain the edge they need to get hired.

Rifkin Consulting does more for new legal candidates than simply locating lawyer jobs in California .

Rifkin Consulting offers several free services to legal candidates, including:

- Resume review and editing. Rifkin Consulting has over 25 years of experience in the legal industry. As a former attorney herself, owner Diane Rifkin and her talented team understand what employers want to see when considering candidates. As a top lawyer recruiter, Rifkin Consulting has the experience to review and edit resumes to attract top offers from the best firms. With the help of Rifkin Consulting’s free resume review and editing services, attorney candidates can optimize their resumes to entice the best law firms to notice them.

- Interview preparation. No matter how good a resume is, the in-person interview is what lands a candidate a job. As an experienced and trusted attorney recruiting firm in California, Rifkin Consulting has dealt with hundreds of candidates and employers and has learned what law firms look for in an interview. Because often the law firm interview is a three step process, this can be daunting for attorney candidates. Free interview preparation services help attorney candidates to get over their fear of the dreaded interview. This preparation allows candidates to present their talents and skills in a way that will attract top firms to offer them a position. Consulting with lawyer recruiters is often the key to making a good impression during an interview, especially with a competitive firm.

- Business development. Today, business development is a highly sought after skill in attorney candidates. As firms seek to grow in a still troubled economy, they look to attorney candidates to help bring in clients. At Rifkin Consulting, this skilled attorney search firm knows top candidates often bring something to the table such as the ability to help grow the firm. Rifkin Consulting helps to prepare these attorney candidates with the business development skills they will need at a successful law practice.

Rifkin Consulting has been a top attorney search firm for many years. During this time, the skilled attorney recruiters have built a strong network of connections to place top tier candidates in top law firms across the nation. With the help of Rifkin Consulting’s free services, attorney candidates can dive into the California legal community with confidence and land the job they want.

About Rifkin Consulting:

As a top legal recruiter in California , Rifkin Consulting has over 25 years in the legal industry. This talented team has been extremely successful in helping lawyer candidates and law firms connect. Featuring many free services for new legal candidates and the best pool of applicants for established firms, Rifkin Consulting helps the legal community find and retain the best legal talent available in both California and nationally.

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