Orange, California — In the past, couples sometimes stayed together despite having an unproductive or even abusive marriage. In many cases, this decision was financially-driven, particularly by the possibility of being without healthcare benefits. Now, the Affordable Care Act has promised to provide affordable coverage for everyone, leading some spouses to reconsider the ultimate cost of divorce. According to Orange County divorce attorney Joseph Downs, located on the web at , the ACA may actually give some couples the impetus they need to file for divorce without concern about losing healthcare benefits. On the other hand, some couples may find that they cannot afford individual policies at work due to increases in healthcare costs.

As a custody lawyer in Orange County, CA, Joseph Downs, located on the web at , has seen many scenarios in which couples lose benefits after a divorce or can no longer afford their previous standard of living. The Affordable Care Act was designed to ensure that those who divorce, women in particular, could still find affordable coverage. However, the reality of the implementation of this healthcare plan has been somewhat different and more complicated than previously envisioned.

“While the stated goal of the Affordable Care Act was to make healthcare affordable for all Americans, some individuals who divorce may find that their healthcare plan is no longer affordable,” says Mr. Downs. “It is very important for couples who are considering a divorce to think about all financial aspects of the proposed split, and healthcare is becoming a very big part of these considerations.”

As a divorce lawyer in Orange County, Joseph Downs is able to help individuals who are facing divorce decide on the best way to handle financial arrangements, including the provision of healthcare benefits for children and former spouses. For more information or to schedule a free consultation appointment, individuals facing a divorce can visit this family law attorney’s website at

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Joseph Downs has been a family law attorney in Orange County for over 24 years. As an OC divorce lawyer, Mr. Downs takes the time to listen to every individual and to offer compassionate, caring advice on the best way to handle any divorce or separation situation.

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