Orange, California — Children are often the most innocent victims of acrimonious divorces. Even when parents separate amicably, the impact on children can be devastating and long-lasting. Joseph Downs, a divorce lawyer in Orange County, located on the web at , discusses the resources available to parents of children who are facing divorce.

“In some cases, children need support outside the family unit,” notes Joseph Downs, a child custody attorney in Orange County, CA, located at . “The need for emotional support by the children is not an indication of weakness on the part of either parent, but rather an unfortunate consequence of divorce. It is important for parents to put aside their own feelings and differences and look to the resources they have available to help their children if they need it.”

According to Joseph Downs, a divorce lawyer, Orange County offers several forms of support for children and parents who are facing a divorce situation, including:

- Church groups. Churches can be rich sources of support for both parents and children. Parents who are facing divorce may want to talk to a pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious leader and involve their children in church activities. Parents who are strongly faith-grounded tend to have large support systems in their church of choice.

- Civic groups. Organizations such as the Scouts and Big Brother/Big Sister offer children support and friendship in a non-threatening atmosphere. Children who are looking for a place to fit in may find that these groups help them cope with life changes.

- Children’s services. Orange County has a large network of state-sponsored children’s agencies to protect the health and welfare of children who may be suffering from abuse and other problems.

Children and their parents may find that divorce is a sad and unavoidable reality, but a Christian divorce attorney in Orange County like Joseph Downs, at , may be able to help families deal with these types of issues. For more information on Joseph Downs and his family law practice, visit his website at

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