Orlando, Florida, 3/20/2013 — Could Your Business use a Loan? 

If your business qualifies the four basic criteria, you could walk away with up to $250,000 right now without providing a personal guarantee or assets or anything else. Like applying for a bank loan, the application is 100% free, but unlike a bank, this lender’s application is only one and a half pages long. If you have a business that: 

1. Is located in the United States
2. Has been in business for least a year
3. Your business grossed at least $100,000 in revenue
4. Your business is not related to construction or real estate or insurance…

Then you may qualify for a loan. 95% do qualify, and without that pesky personal guarantee. And as quickly as 3 days. 

Data One Services wants to get American businesses going again. With the economy stagnant and loans hard to come by, here is an opportunity to get that extra money many businesses need to expand, buy new equipment, working capital, marketing, or hire more people. Small businesses are the lifeblood of America. We want to help businesses expand, which means more jobs. Thus creating a dynamic economy. 

The downside to this program is that interest rates are higher, but what do you care? You’re not on the hook for the loan. And, if you are declined for the loan, it does not appear on your credit report. So it doesn’t hurt you by making you look desperate for money. This is revenue based on your cash flow. When you need capital immediately, a new approach to small business loans. 

Most banks want you to be in business at least 3 years and want a personal guarantee. And if they decline your loan, it shows up on your credit history. 

If you want to visit the lender, visit us at http://bit.ly/10386qm or email: [email protected] 

In summary, you can qualify for a small business loan if you are in the United States, in business at least one year, have $100,000 in gross revenue and not related to construction, real estate or insurance. There is a 95% approval rate, loans as high as $250,000 with no personal guarantee. 

We are an affiliate of Credit Wise Advisors, the largest and most trusted provider of small business funding solutions based on business credit in the U.S. We understand the challenges of building a business asset through credit, maintaining cash flow, making payroll, business expansion and inventory/equipment management. We are proud that this company, as a direct lender, has funded over 20,000 companies with its unique program, which provides businesses up to $250,000 just like a business line of credit with no personal guarantees and a 95% approval rate. 

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