In re:  Linda Grave Thompson v. Kevin Sean Thompson, 07-1-8187-18

Atlanta, GA - Superior Court of Cobb County.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Defendant Mr. Thompson, was engaged after Mr. Thompson’s prior attorney refused to provide further services and withdrew.

At the time of Mr. Hippe’s engagement, Mr. Thompson, a good man, was in bad shape.  He was subject to a temporary order he could not pay and was under a contempt order of incarceration, which had been entered before Mr. Hippe was hired.  Mr. Thompson was arrested on a Thursday.  The next day, Mr. Hippe filed an emergency motion and secured his client’s release on a technical imperfection in the incarceration order, which kept his client out of jail until the matter could be properly considered.  A friend of Mr. Thompson commented, “You have worked a miracle. I think jail would have killed him, if he had stayed in over the weekend.”  The next week, Mr. Hippe was able to defeat Ms. Thompson’s firm Kessler, Schwartz in the follow up hearing to remove the threat of further incarceration.

He then went on to secure a favorable result for his client at the final trial.  Mr. Thompson’s final alimony, child support, and attorney fee obligations were far less than his wife had demanded in settlement discussions.  At trial, Ms. Thompson requested that Mr. Thompson pay $120,000 in attorney fees.  The court ordered $7500 to be paid.  Mr. Thompson said publicly after the trial "Rusty, you are a great trial lawyer.  You dismantled their lawyers and their case."

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