In Re:  Ed O. Hoosh v. Jill s. Hoosh, Superior Court of Dekalb County Georgia, 11-CV-2851-9.

Atlanta, GA - Dekalb County Superior Court.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Plaintiff Mr. Hoosh in a four domestic trial, secured a dramatic victory for his client.  Ms. Hoosh, represented by Super Lawyer Stephen Clifford, argued that Mr. Hoosh should only have had supervised visitation of their young daughter.  Mr. Hippe established at trial that Mr. Hoosh, a high level executive at a major bank, is a respected member of the financial community and is of excellent character.  

The judge awarded Mr. Hoosh the visitation he requested, which was the crux of the case.  Mr. Clifford charged his client in excess of $80,000 for his representation.  Mr. Hippe, who was engaged after discovery and mediation was complete, charged his client less than $10,000 to handle the trial of the case.  

After the trial, Mr. Clifford filed a Motion for New Trial.  Mr. Hippe responded with a detailed brief supporting the court’s final order.  After a follow up hearing, the motion for new trial was denied.  Ms. Hoosh did not appeal.

Mr. Hoosh had this to say about Mr. Hippe publically after the trial.  “I was so happy after the trial.  Rusty did a fantastic job.  Thanks to him, I have a normal relationship with my daughter, the love of my life.  I owe him a tremendous debt.”

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