People of all countries and all age become more and more interested in the phenomenon called astral projection, also known as out of the body experience (OOBE). Simply put, it is an experience of separating one’s consciousness from the body. Many people experience this phenomenon spontaneously. It usually happens during a sleep paralysis state, which appears when the body falls asleep before the mind does. When that happens, a person becomes absolutely aware of all the brain activity that accompanies the process of falling asleep. Once the body falls asleep and becomes paralyzed, it becomes possible to separate from it and travel independently in space. Until recently such phenomenon was seen as one of the “new age” phantasies, but there has been a number of scientific studies that validated the authenticity of astral projection. Thanks to the research conducted by the Monroe Institute and Out of the Body research center, the number of people who master this incredible skill increases every year.

There are a variety of techniques that have been discovered that help to achieve astral projection. No prior knowledge of meditation and other altered states of consciousness is required. In fact, everybody can master astral projection within relatively short amount of time, which is one of the reasons why so many people become drawn to it. Some of the students manage to achieve a successful out of the body experience within a couple of days. They describe it as the most powerful and incredible experience that ever happened to them. It is no surprise, because traveling out of the body allows for achieving things that could not have been achieved any other way. For example, people who astral project can fly. Freedom of flying has always been a dream of humanity, and it finally can be achieved through astral projection. Being a point of consciousness, one can travel like a ghost, come through walls, observe the real world while being invisible. The whole experience is unbelievable when happens for the first time. Luckily, there is no need to believe it. Everybody can easily learn how to induce astral projection and learn how to travel out of the body using nothing but one’s consciousness.

Those who have never heard of astral projection before would think it is not real. However, millions of people around the world actively practicing astral projection cannot be wrong. There have been hundreds of books published on the topic, and there are thousands of online communities devoted to exploration of the world of astral travel. People from around the globe come together to learn the skill that can change their life. Astral Projection allows not only to travel with unlimited speed by flying freely out of the body. It also proves the possibility that our existence is not limited by the physical body. The fact that one’s consciousness can exist separately from the body becomes a valid argument for the existence of life after death. There have been many reports from the hospitals when a patient experiences astral projection when their heart stops for a couple minutes. Arguably, that’s what happens when we die – we transfer into the world in which our body is no longer needed, and we continue the life as a pure consciousness. Luckily, we don’t have to wait that long to find out. We can experience the amazing world of astral travel right now, using a set of simple methods that anybody can master within days.

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