Ashish Sharma aka Ram is actually a huge Hanuman bhakt

Ashish Sharma, who is popularly known for his role asLord Ram, on STAR PLUS’ show Siya Ke Ram, is a huge Hanuman bhakt in real life. The Jaipur actor who dreamt of playing Ram right from his childhood was always offered the role of Hanuman.

“I belong to the city of Jaipur where plays on Ramlila are very common. I was thin and lanky but I was always offered the role of Hanuman. Every time I played Hanuman, I would learn something new about him. I soon became a huge devotee of Lord Hanuman,” says Ashish Sharma.

Ashish talks about how he and his family celebrate Hanuman Jayanti every year on a large scale, to this he adds, “After I started playing the role of Hanuman, my entire family became a devout follower of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Jayanti is a huge affair in our family. We celebrate it by having a big puja in the house with all our relatives involved. This year Hanuman Jayanti is on 22nd April but due to our hectic schedule of shooting seven days a week, I wasn’t getting an off. So I planned a trip a week ahead for the big puja in my hometown, Jaipur.”

Ashish reveals his dream of wanting to play the role of Ram instead of Hanuman, he says, “I am a big Hanuman bhakt but I always dreamt of playing the role of Lord Ram. I had this belief that someday I would bag the role of Ram. I am now popularly known as Lord Ram and everyone recognises me as the same. I believe Lord Hanuman had planned this for me right from my childhood.”

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