The release of the short film, Nothing to something by Michael Artiles was done in 2012. The excitement that filled his heart and those of his fans in the movie world was electrifying, despite it lasting only twelve minutes. Michael Artiles is a black American producer and writer, who has had tremendous success in filming short films.

The movie Nothing to something, revolves around Keith Major, a very successful photographer and film expert from New York City. Keith made a living out of doing photography in model auditions for commercial purposes. The movie is also based on a direct line which makes a point, that you have to have passion, supreme dedication and an extra effort of hard work for you to reach your dreams. This was quoted by Keith himself towards the end of the movie when he said, “feel like, you know, since I did not come from having lots of money, there really isn’t anything to lose by going for, you know, your dreams.”

Although the film by itself is not a straightforward narrative, it brings a captured momentum which portrays greatness of photography and explains why the business should be loved and admired. For example, the essence of doing photography is capturing remarkable features and events worthy to be remembered in times to come. Well, in the eyes of many, a good deal of Photography seems to be nothing, but as the film Nothing to something puts it, it’s just a matter of time before benefits are seen coming into play.

There is a reliable announcement reported which claims that Michael Artiles is not yet done with what he loves doing, which is filming short educational stories. May be this fine majestic year of 2014 we might witness another wonder of his immaculate work, that most people enjoy seeing in the filming industry.

About Michael Artiles:

Michael Artiles was born on January 25, 1991 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA as Michael Jeffrey Artiles. He is a director, known for Nothing to Something (2012), Sense of Nature (2012)

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