In the 20th century asbestos was widely used in the construction industry for both small and large projects. However, people soon realized that despite all the great properties of asbestos - strength, insulation, resistance to fire etc. - the mineral was very toxic for living organisms. Australia banned the material from construction in 2003, introducing a law which states that all old buildings must undergo asbestos testing whenever owners want to make renovations or repairs.

It’s a positive thing that Australia introduced asbestos testing Sydney; many homes and even whole cities were constructed with this material during the 1900’s. Asbestos is a real danger for all major Australian communities. People have to know about the problems associated with asbestos use! Therefore, asbestos testing is essential to make sure that toxicity levels are kept under control. Many homes are in need of renovation and many are deteriorated, which means the potential for hazard is high in many communities. One thing you may not know about asbestos is that this material is not harmful unless it is deteriorated or destroyed. The main idea is that everyone who owns an old building or home must conduct asbestos testing when planning renovations or repairs.

In your search to find a cheap solution for asbestos testing, you might have heard of so called ‘asbestos testing kits’. Don’t buy them. Only asbestos testing Sydney companies are authorized to conduct such tests, so you can’t really test samples yourself. Suspected material must be tested in special labs which have appropriate techniques: Polarized Light Microscopy and Dispersion Staining. If you really want to reduce your costs, you can buy the necessary equipment for sample taking at your local hardware store and then send the sample to an accredited laboratory. You’ll save more money this way. However, it’s better to do things right from the beginning: you should just ask professionals in asbestos testing Sydney to offer you their services.

Asbestos sampling and testing and has to be done by professionals due to various reasons. For one, the process will be much quicker and smoother. Asbestos testing will be done in a controlled environment, so there are no health threats involved. Moreover, locating asbestos can be a difficult job. Specialists in asbestos testing know that the most common use of asbestos in 20th century constructions included exterior and interior walls, insulating boards, piping and even home annexes like garages. Therefore, one needs a careful eye to spot asbestos on a property. Specialists have rigorous training and years of experience in this field, which makes the job much easier. Besides accurately locating asbestos on a property, professionals also know how to deal with this material so that everyone is safe. Asbestos is highly toxic, particularly when deteriorated, so it must be handled with care. Last but not least, experts can help you remove asbestos from your property or keep the material undamaged, so that the impact on people and the environment is minimal.

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