Did you know that asbestos can make you ill? Asbestos fibers can create many health problems for humans as well as animals, developing tumors and other diseases. Therefore, it’s critical that you test your premises for asbestos. To make sure that you’re safe on your property, you should ask experts to conduct asbestos soil testing. Sydney professionals will rigorously check your ground and take the necessary measures to prevent any health problems for you and your community.

According to Wikipedia, the first documented use of asbestos in human culture was 4500 years ago; it seems that the Finish used the mineral in the creation of pots and other cooking utensils. At some points in history, asbestos was even used in clothing. However, what people did not know — or knew very little — at that time was that asbestos is not a safe mineral for human use. So it happens that, in the 20th century, asbestos started being used heavily in the construction industry. Only towards the middle of this century did people start to realize that asbestos created many health problems. Mesothelioma is one of the diseases associated with asbestos use. Pneumonia, cancer and other very serious affections are also triggered by prolonged contact with asbestos fibers. Therefore, the mineral began being phased out from most countries; Australia banned it completely in 2003. However, that doesn’t mean that asbestos can’t be found in the ground. Nowadays, the Australian law states that property owners have to conduct asbestos soil testing for their own protection, as well as that of their community.

Asbestos soil testing Sydney services are now available for those who need to inspect their properties. Contaminated soil can pose many health threats to the persons living on a property, so urgent actions are needed to remove the harmful mineral or block its effects. Asbestos soil testing will tell you whether your soil has asbestos fibers or not. Experts can conduct asbestos soil testing Sydney for any type of property, big or small. If the asbestos soil testing comes out positive, you’ll have to take necessary measures to eliminate its harmful effects. Your next actions will depend on the type of asbestos discovered — bonded or friable - and the extent of the contamination. After considering these factors, the specialists will determine a safe course of action adapted to that property.

Asbestos soil testing Sydney services are necessary for all properties, no matter of their type or dimensions. Asbestos soil which is not treated can cause serious health issues for you and for your neighbors, so the situation must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Depending on the extent of the problem, the property can be excavated either partially or totally, or, if the problem is minor, a protection sheet can be placed in the soil to prevent direct exposure to asbestos fibers. Asbestos consultants will be able to discuss the problem and its solutions in detail.

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