Munich, Germany; 24, November 2016: ARTQUISITE is an online platform for buying high-quality artwork. But the company differs from other online retailers. It takes the time to curate and evaluate works of art, only selling them on if they meet a certain quality of significance. And it only works with particular artists to make sure that all of its products are of high quality and value.

ARTQUISITE Supplies Only High-Quality Art

To maintain its exclusivity, ARTQUISITE has to supply very high-quality artwork to its patrons. The company has several systems in place to guarantee this. The first system is to verify the quality of artwork using experts. All of the artists featured in the company’s online gallery are selected by the team at ARTQUISITE. Before any art can be listed on the site, the firm’s curators have to agree that the art meets certain standards. They only accept work from artists who are renowned in the art world for their exceptional talent.

ARTQUISITE also gives customers the chance to return any artwork they buy if they aren’t happy.

Finally, ARTQUISITE only accepts original works of art. The company doesn’t collaborate with any international artists who sell copies. Each work of art comes with a certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

ARTQUISITE Makes Art More Accessible

ARTQUISITE is a key player in the world of art, but it doesn’t have an elitist attitude. Instead, the company wants to open art up to more people. It sees no reason why everyone can’t enjoy art of the highest quality.

As a result, the site makes artwork more personal and tangible. It wants to help potential customers connect with works of art, rather than expecting them to do it on their own. Part of this involves helping customers take part in the contemporary art scene. There’s a story behind each artist. And each visitor is given an understanding of what artists are trying to achieve in their work. ARTQUISITE tells the inside story of the life, work and motivations of the artists that it showcases. It also helps people to understand how to interpret the artwork that they buy. By doing this, the company hopes that it will reshape public perception of high-quality art.

The ARTQUISITE Newsletter

The ARTQUISITE newsletter keeps customers up to date with the latest goings-on at the company. Here customers will find featured works of art, a new art section, and stories about artists. The newsletter is designed to provide an in-depth look at what today’s most innovative artists are working towards. The newsletter is also a great place for customers to find out about previews and the events held by the firm.

ARTQUISITE is a company focused on selling high-quality art. If it wants to draw more people to its business, it must make it easy for them to understand what the company offers. The biggest barrier to better artwork is knowing exactly what is on offer. Customers who understand the artists and the market better will be more interested in what the company has to offer. This explains why ARTQUISITE is so interested in educating its customers.

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