Munich, Germany; 24, November 2016: ARTQUISITE is an emerging platform for selling high-quality art online. The company wants to change the way that art lovers buy art on the web, making it both easier and better. It’s got a big job, given some of the challenges in the industry. But there’s a lot that the company is doing right now to change the status quo.

Significant Changes To Buying Art Online

Until now, online artwork hasn’t been accompanied by much history. But ARTQUISITE is looking to change all this. It wants to provide customers with details on all its art for sale online. The company believes that online customers should be no less informed about artwork than those who buy their art at auction. As a result, the company does everything it can to educate its customers about the culture and history of art. For instance, it has a range of curated art exhibits on its site, all with accompanying explanations. It also has an online database of all of the artists with which it works.

ARTQUISITE Encourages Dialogue Between Buyers And Artists

Art is as much an experience as it is a product. As a result, ARTQUISITE wants to bring buyers and artists together and encourage dialogue. For instance, ARTQUISITE tells customers about the latest developments in the lives of its artists. It also offers information on the latest trends and fashions on the art scene. The idea is to allow people who are interested in art to get together and discuss their interest with like minded people.

Professionals and collectors can all come together through its platform to share their interests. ARTQUISITE regularly organizes events which allow its customers to be a part of the art scene themselves. Customers avoid watching the art scene develop from the sidelines and are encouraged to join in the conversation themselves.

It could be argued that we're witnessing the emergence of a new type of social network. ARTQUISITE isn’t just doing what other online shops do. It’s trying to both sell art and forge a community around a shared passion at the same time.

Flexible Online Service

ARTQUISITE, like other online retailers, is dedicated to providing a timely service. Customers can buy art online seven days a week, any time of day or night. As with other online retailers, ARTQUISITE offers customers secure payments options. It is also transparent about its prices.

Buying art online, however, can be risky. Customers often worry that the art they are buying isn’t original or unique. ARTQUISITE has systems in place that help to generate trust in its online business. For instance, it provides a 14-day return policy. This means that customers can verify the quality of the art they buy before they commit to the purchase. The firm also hires a team of experts to curate the work that it sells. The company only works with world-renowned, verified artists. And it ensures that all of the art that it sells is accompanies by a certificate of authenticity.

Making the purchase of art online safer, easier and more informed is essential for the art industry. ARTQUISITE needs to keep clients informed and safe while buying high-quality art online if it is to have a strong future.

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