A feature recently published on the website of leading British periodical The Independent reiterates a few of the major selling points of the gorgeous Balearic island of Menorca, most of which customers of companies such as Bartle Holidays were already aware of. 

Written by one of the members of the newspaper’s Travel section, this piece consists of a first-person account of a family holiday on Menorca, taken early last month by the author and her family. Their short break is given a detailed overview, with several of the island’s touristic charms being given pride of place. 

One of the most striking aspects about this feature is the fact that, unlike many of its ilk, it does not centre exclusively on Menorca’s main tourist hubs. Hardly a mention is made of Ciutadella or the capital, Mahon; instead, lines are given to much smaller and lesser-known resorts such as Punta Prima and Binibeca Vell, where the author, her husband and two teenage children enjoyed some of the best aspects of the island. The former is an understated tourist resort, of a smaller dimension than the two main cities, while the second is a sleepy fishing village accessible via a train ride. Both offer very different sides of the island experience, but emphasize the laid-back lifestyle prevalent throughout the island. 

In the write-up, much is made of the concept of Menorca being an ideal location for doing nothing — a claim the author agrees to be true at the end of her piece. And indeed, it is this peace and quiet — far from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring tourist resorts — that has been attracting visitors to the island and allowing specialised accommodation providers such as Bartle Holidays to subsist and thrive. 

The feature also makes mention of Menorca’s lighthouse and famous black lizard, which have piqued Sir David Attenborough’s interest in the island and prompted the naturalist to give it the focus in a documentary for the BBC. 

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