Armoni Records LLC, the company that is making a name for itself as a producer of clean, family-friendly rap artists, has opened a new location at Opulent Recording Studios in Columbus, Georgia, that will include improved production facilities.

Armoni Records has become known as the producers of clean rap lyrics as seen at . Now, owners Ira Nyah Doughty and Keith Saunders have teamed with GR8 Trakz Productions owner Kevin Lamar Flowers to open a new recording studio in Columbus, Georgia. Opulent Recording Studios will features a 3,000-square-foot building and house Armoni Records, GR8 Trakz Productions, K&I Entertainment and Opulent Disc Works along with a graphic design and artwork company for in-house album production.

Armoni Records has sponsored several up-and-coming good rap artists as seen at . With a focus on positive rap songs as seen at , Armoni owners Doughty and Saunders are committed to providing family-friendly, decent rap lyrics that everyone can enjoy. Instead of producing records in which artists focus on hatred, violence or crime, the uplifting songs carrying the Armoni Records label are positive and full of hope.

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Armoni Records, GR8 Trakz and their partners will utilize the new large facility for record, in-house album production, disc duplication and hosting other events.

About Armoni Records:

Armoni Records is the result of teamwork on the part of producers and artists who believe that rap music can have a positive effect on families and young people. Retaining their love for rap but leaving out the harsh, violent or offensive lyrics so often found in songs of this genre, Armoni Records is dedicated to producing quality music that is suitable for all members of the family.

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