Pieces are made in Italy by skilled craftsmen!

NEW YORK—Arlette Jewelry has launched its newest collection, the Eternal Knot collection.

The collection, which features 18 karat gold, white and black diamonds and white and black agate, consists of intricately curved loops twisted into knot shapes.

“The endless knot represents the interweaving of eternal love and friendship,” designer Arlette Sarkissians said. “All existence, it says, is a bound by the time of change yet ultimately rests serenely within the divine and the eternal.”

For more than a decade, Arlette Jewelry has been producing creative designs produced to the highest standards by craftsmen in Italy.

Founded in 2002 by Sarkissians, the company’s product lines draw inspiration from her international travel and passion for art, and are designed to offer striking visuals and a sense of elegance and luxury.

“I like to see my pieces on women with confidence and attitude,” she said. “What I love even more is that when women adorn their body with one of my pieces, they immediately are possessed with sense of self that make those qualities shine through. All women have that something special, a fire inside that is just waiting to come out and make them who they want to be. If I can help extract that energy, my mission has been accomplished.”

The Eternal Knot collection
Educated at the Gemological Institute of America and the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarkissians works mainly in gold, precious and semi-precious stones. Her process is focused on the individual creative process rather than mass production, resulting in standout pieces that make use of color and form.
All pieces in her collections are made in Italy by skilled, specialized craftsmen working in a variety of techniques. The main suppliers of raw material for the company are Italian, as well, something that Sarkissians said informs the company’s collections and pieces.

“The great fashion houses of Italy are world leaders,” she said. “yet it is very much the country itself, with its traditions of art and craftsmanship that created the environment within which the great names were able to develop and shine.”

Arlette Jewelry offers numerous different products in its collections, ranging from earrings to bracelets, necklaces and clutches.

More information is available at www.arlettejewelry.com

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Submitted by: Jamie White