Arjun Rampal wants to become a Film Director!


ArjunRampal got very nostalgic speaking about his stint in the film industry and the hardships that he had to go through. He spoke at length about it on UTV STARS’ YehHaiMeriKahani.


Arjun’s journey in the industry began as model and as long as he was a model, he never had to go through any struggle. But the minute he decided to switch his career, that’s when the struggle started. Several directors and producers rejected him on the pretext that he was too tall. Arjun felt that this feedback was mainly because of the fact that were skeptical of signing him on and that directors in general, are skeptical of working with models. On being pressed further, he said that he didn’t want to take their names.But after a lot of hardship and struggle, finally came along ‘Om Shaanti Om’! It was ‘Om Shaanti Om’ that changed his life for the good and he would never forget that movie. He also mentioned that Shahrukh Khan is a superstar and a very close friend…he mentioned that he is a superstar to everyone! Lastly, he also said that his final goal is to be director. “When I’m 80 years old, I will hopefully be making films, be a director and watching my films with my grandchildren!”



Tune in to this episode of YehHaiMeriKahani featuring ArjunRampal, this Sunday, 7th April 2013, at 7pm




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