(Free Press Release) International Real Estate Listings.Com Capitalizing On Real Estate Market in Argentina with Unique Argentina Real Estate Website Focus on Anticipated Significant Property Value Appreciation in Coming Decade Due to Expected Vigorous Economic Growth.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 29, 2010 -- Due to International Real Estate Listings.com, prospects for Argentina real estate for sale have increased as local and foreign investors are getting more information about the available opportunities. The economy of Argentina is steadily improving after the global economic downturn. International Real Estate Listings.com decided to capitalize on this situation and created the website concentrating on Argentina real estate listings in order to promote Argentina real estate to local and international buyers. The main attractions for international real estate operators in Argentina real estate is that neighbor Brazil is going to host 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, which would definitely give an indirect boost to the property market and real estate in Argentina.

Argentine Republic is located in South America and it is the second largest country of this region. By land area it is the eighth largest country in the world and the largest nation of Spanish language speaking people. Argentina has a very well educated population. Argentina is an export-oriented country with agricultural sector being the major contributor to GDP. The industrial sector of Argentina is diversified. Most of the population is considered as upper middle income class.

As the economy is strengthening slowly but steadily, the interest in the real estate in Argentina could not be minimal. After the downturn, the Argentina‘s real estate agents had been skeptical about the property situation. However, through the Argentina real estate website that links to http://www.InternationalRealEstateListings.com, Mr. Taylor White, the leading international real estate professional, had provided a solid platform to display Argentina‘s real estate listings and Argentina‘s rentals. This had achieved good success in attracting not only the local property stakeholders but also the international real estate investors as well. The salient features of this website were explained by Mr. White as follows:

1. The launch of this website is providing a big platform for the real estate owners, agents, and developers in Argentina to create their accounts in just 30 seconds. The account holders have expressed must satisfaction over the account requirements which do not involve personal details like credit card, etc.

2. The listers thoroughly appreciated the idea of free Basic Listings for six months in which they can upload unlimited number of Argentina‘s real estate listings along with photos and videos on the website.

3. The account holders utilize the Free Weekly Hot Sheet which allows them to exhibit Argentina rentals and Argentina‘s real estate for sale to the opted-in subscribers of this website without any charges.

4. The real estate agents and owners could easily send emails to interested parties in Argentina real estate by using the Free Property Alert feature for free.

5. With no extra cost but subject to certain conditions, the listers could upgrade their listings to sections like Featured Properties, Exclusive Properties and Premium Properties.

6. The special customer specific designer flyer for free is listed on Argentina Craig‘s List in order to provide information on property and to reach out for potential buyers within the country.

7. The option of international emailer is being appreciated by the listers as it is allowing them to rent, sell, and exchange properties around the globe within a few days.

8. The Basic Listings of these agents are being placed on Twitter and Facebook for free which has been liked by the Argentina property listers.

9. The account holders are enjoying the fact that their listings are being submitted to more than 25 social bookmarking sites like Vast, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, etc.

About The Company
Mr. White, the renowned real estate professional, created International Real Estate Listings.com to help people trade in international properties by overcoming the barriers of culture, language, national borders, etc. The Argentina-specific website is another major step in his forward movement in globalizing the real estate market and integrating it into a single entity. The account holders of Argentina website could access the FREE 20-page international real estate information report of Mr. White and the actual transactional details of various members of this international website by visiting http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/list_property.

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