In a long hot summer, many people are on the lookout for ways to stay cool for extended periods on the go.  San Diego based startup Arena Sciences recently announced the release of their ground breaking solution, the ICE³ Cooling Towelettes, which provide a way for a user to stay cool and comfortable despite nearly all levels of heat.

May 03, 2015 -- The simple fact is, and most people would agree, that it’s very difficult to be comfortable or to perform at one's best while feeling very hot and uncomfortable.  While air conditioning may be a good solution, in some places — like while on the run — it just isn't always feasible.  San Diego-based startup Arena Sciences( recently announced the launch of a product that offers a solution to this problem, the ICE³ Cooling Towelettes.  ICE³ was developed to keep a person cool on the go, and the early response from users has been wildly enthusiastic.

“This is a product that we all feel very passionate about,” commented a spokesperson from Arena Sciences.  “It's effective, affordable and delivers a huge amount of value. On the go or even in cases where there's a desire to keep air conditioning costs low, it is very effective at keeping people cool and comfortable.”

According to the company,  ICE³ has a huge range of uses, valuable everywhere heat could be a concern, including for workers who find themselves outdoors in the heat, or for those playing in sporting events or exercise training, where staying cool is a must whether they are in the elements or not. ICE3 is also useful for women who experience hot flashes. You can simply tear open a pack and cool down.

The ICE³ Cooling Towelettes uses a proprietary technology to keep users cool and refreshed that covers both physical and physiological cooling.  Available at a very attractive price point, user feedback has been remarkable.

Adam Zucco, a top age-group triathlete recently said, “I really think they work great!  We rode 100 miles the other day, and it was a hot one!  I used one on the back of my neck under my jersey and really felt like it kept me cool for a good 2 hours, it was fantastic. Their size also makes them very portable. They really are awesome. I used to use breakable first aide ice packs sometimes in hot IRONMAN races on the bike. These are so much easier”.
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ICE-Cubed Body Cooling Towelettes makes a perfect cooling companion when you are out for hiking, jogging, morning walk, work outs, sports, gym, zumba, yoga, camping, trekking, concerts, construction works or while you are busy in your daily life.

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