For years now many people has taken Adderall. Some take it correctly and others are getting it from friends and abusing it. Regardless if your one of them, did you know that a quick fix with Adderall can actually make you feel worse? Did you know that if you have depression when you start Adderall and get off of it, your depression will come back with a vengeance? According to it can come back so bad that you will have more suicidal thoughts than you did before you got on the medicine. So ask yourself, is it really worth taking this medication? There are other very safe drugs on the market that can help calm you down, improve your depression, and improve your overall quality of life.

Did you know that medicines aren’t always the answer? Check to make sure you don’t have vitamin deficiencies. Make sure that you get plenty of exercise, sun light, and most of all, you have a healthy diet. All of these things can affect depression, anxiety, and much more. Most of the time people look past the fact that you need sunlight. I know people that get some sunlight and feel 100% better, their headaches go away, they don’t feel depressed, and their no longer anxious. So there is no need to have Adderall depression, you can possibly have a way of life by just getting checked out by your doctor without having to take meds.