The world of social media continues to have an impact on our everyday lives as the growing popularity of social media websites continues to reverberate around the world. With Facebook now having over a billion users and websites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ being more popular than ever, the question must be asked; What role does social media play in our lives today, and how will this evolve in the future?

This is the question that Esteban Contreras set out to answer in his latest book, Social State: Thoughts, Stats and Stories About the State of Social Media.

Offering up unique insights into how this remarkable social media phenomenon affects us at present while raising many interesting points about how this growing social media revolution will affect our future lives, Contreras offers us a new take on the ways in which social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can affect our everyday lives both presently and in the future.

In Social State, Contreras writes about the rapidly changing social media landscape presenting his thoughts, and conclusions in a highly comprehensive, and visual way. This book is a thoroughly-researched and in-depth exploration into the integration of life and technology; covering topics ranging from the implications of openness, virality, influence, and privacy, to the unique opportunities presented by online marketing , social business, and social good.


Esteban Contreras is the founder of Social Nerdia Consulting, an Account Director for NYC-based Sprinklr, Inc., and an advisor to several startups and small businesses. Esteban is also the former Social Media Marketing Manager for Samsung USA, where he led the strategic planning of the brand’s U.S. social media presence.

Contreras’s work has been highlighted in publications ranging from Mashable, TechCrunch and The Next Web, to CNN Español, Entrepreneur, Forbes and The New York Times.

His latest book, Social State: Thoughts, Stats and Stories About the State of Social Media, offers a well researched journey into the remarkable impact and influence that social media has on our present world and also paints a picture of what the world is going to look like as social technologies become an ever more integrated part of the everyday world around us.

Factual, opinionated, and current, SOCIAL STATE was written and edited in the fourth quarter of 2012, and completed only days before the day it was published on December 31st, 2012.

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