Located on the south coast of China, Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in the world and holds a population of 7 million people. According to specialists 95% of these are ethnic Chinese, whereas 5% are part of other groups, and usually people relocated on business related matters. However, no matter what country they come from, some of these people have one special feature in common: they are all trying to find love in Hong Kong. This magical city may be the perfect place to find that special person you have always dreamed about, but also to organize a wonderful wedding.


Why are we so confident? Well, for starters Chinese men and women are naturally gifted with both beauty and intelligence, so it is only natural that you fall for one right away. You may bump into someone with high dating potential in your apartment building, in the club or even in the park, while you’re doing your jogging routine. If you think you are not that lucky and could use a little help on boosting your love life, speed dating is the perfect solution. This matchmaking service is perfect for people who are looking to get married in the near future and for those who are sick of searching for love in the wrong places.


But what is speed dating? The idea came from Jewish singles who would organize meetings with other singles with the purpose of finding the right person for marriage. Additionally, those who participated got the chance to mingle, make friends and socialize with people from the same ethnic background, religion and culture. Nowadays the idea has been stripped of its religious and ethnic connotation, as people in charge with planning fast dating events bring together participants from all corners of the globe. In Hong Kong, in particular, these get-togethers reunite foreign business men and women who are trying to start a new life in China and put the basis of a family.


The process is fairly simple and cost friendly. All you have to do is find out where such meetings are held in the near future, which can be easily done online with the help of search engines, specialized sites or by calling a number such as 852-51131420. If you choose the online method, you will have to log in, make an account with an affiliated profile and pay a special fee to be placed on the list of participant for the next event. On the day of the speed dating venue, you will have to go a certain location, which, at the choice of the organizer, will be a restaurant or a conference room. Some speed dating planners may not care about dress codes, whereas others may ask you to dress business or formal.


After you are given a name tag, you will be assigned a table with a partner with whom you will be able to talk for about 7 minutes. When the time is up you will hear a bell ring. The male participants will have move to the next table and thus, start a conversation with a new partner. You will have the possibility of discussing life, interests, hobbies and goals with around 15 potential mates in less than 2 hours.  Some events may bring a larger number of people together, which means you will have the possibility of meeting as many as 30 men or women in the same day. At the end of each meeting, the participants will have to write the name of the person they were most fond of. If the feelings are mutual between two people, organizers will suggest a regular date and exchange phone-numbers.

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