Should you buy catering equipment or opt for catering rentals? This is a dilemma that everyone who is faced with the prospect of hosting an event goes through so you might derive solace from the fact that you are not the only one. A strong recommendation to solve the problem entails taking stock of the kind of catering equipment required and then deciding whether to invest in it. Not that renting all the equipment is really cheap — in fact it does work into quite a sizeable amount but even then it works out to be more affordable than spending a lump-sum on acquiring it not to mention the time spent in picking and choosing every item.
To begin with, it is imperative to gain cognizance of every component that makes up catering equipment, meaning implements that are involved with cooking and serving food. If you start from the kitchen area, some of the first requisites that would present themselves are utensils, ovens and refrigerators. Because utensils facilitate preparation of food, they should be of various shapes, sizes and types and must come through on counts of durability and resistance to rust too. Preferably it is advisable to install ovens and refrigerators of various sizes and since this could work out to be a phenomenal amount, considering catering rentals is a good option.
Emerging to the outer region where food is served, the nature of catering equipment alters to facilitate serving and eating and hence comprises of crockery and silverware. Both categories are vast enough, meaning silverware is inclusive of different types of spoons, knives and forks while under crockery you would find plates of various sizes and bowls of every type. Quality is a foremost concern in this regard because surely you would not want your guests to fall ill after having had their food or hesitate to use any of it owing to cleanliness concerns. Particularly when you opt for catering rentals, this is a criterion you should be strict on.
Having taken stock of the situation, next it is time to think practically in terms of how frequently the catering equipment will be used. Most of the times, events are few and far between thus implying that it will be used only for a few days or weeks at a stretch and then remain redundant till the next big day which might be months or even years away. In such a situation storage might be an issue and so would the fact that the state of equipment is likely to deteriorate on being left locked up and used for long durations. Bearing in mind these factors, don’t you think going for catering rentals would be better since it would save the hassle of storing and cleaning?
What about the budget? Buying catering equipment is bound to translate into a huge investment with absolutely no surety of whether it will be recovered. Instead of gambling with your hard-earned money, taking a decision in favor of catering rentals is much more sensible since it would solve your purpose without being too much of a financial burden. Of course, you must find various companies and compare them against set parameters to check how they fare. Then a follow-up can be made by placing calls, checking on their customer service and professionalism and reading the fine print that accompanies every deal.
A common dilemma pertaining to catering equipment is whether to buy to rent it from a provider. If you are not going to use it as regularly, opting for catering rentals is a good idea in terms of initial cost and overhead expenses.