AMESBURY, MA - March 4, 2016 — Arc Technologies announced that they will be participating in the BIOMEDevice trade show in Boston, MA at the Boston Convention and Exhibit Center on April 13-14, 2016. The BIOMEDevice trade show showcases the best industry-leading medical manufacturing technologies and applications that are changing and modernizing the medical industry today.

The BIOMEDevice trade show has over 3,000 business leaders, suppliers, and manufacturers attending. Numerous conferences will also be taking place at this tradeshow. Conferences were developed to provide training to attendees, along with multiple networking opportunities. The BIOMEDevice conferences cover Biomedical Innovation and Medtech Design; more than 50 industry experts will be speaking.

Arc Technologies, a leading supplier of microwave absorbers, will be one of over 300 manufacturers attending the BIOMEDevice trade show in April.

Arc Technologies utilizes cutting edge technology to manufacture supplies — including the utilization of water jet machines. Arc’s water jet machines are Precision Abrasive Water Jet Systems that are capable of cutting a variety of materials using a high-pressure stream of water. In addition to water jet machining, Arc Technologies offers CNC Machining, which is computer numerical controlled machining. CNC Machining uses tools that can be controlled by a computer. Arc Technologies offers the following CNC Services: Honeycomb machining, composite machining, and extrusion tooling.

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ARC Technologies is the leading supplier of microwave absorbing materials for commercial and defense applications. While providing a complete range of standard absorber products, ARC Technologies also offers dielectric materials, composites, radomes, and radar absorbing material. For more information visit us at: