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Rashida and Masoud Khalil are a relatively young Saudi couple who have enjoyed a married life for a little over 6 years. In their 6 years of companionship, Rashida has given birth to 3 healthy boys. They have a loving marriage, beautiful children and all the life’s material necessities that one can wish for, but despite all this they feel that there is still something missing from their lives.

That missing something is the fulfilment of Rashida’s long life dream of giving birth to a baby girl. “It’s a dream that I have since I used to play with my baby dolls as a little girl”, she explains while sitting in her impressive home. She goes onto say, “I grew up with the idea that after marriage, there would be a good chance that when I have children, one of them would be a girl”. But despite giving birth three times, she still longs to fulfil her dream.

Ever since the birth of their second son, the couple tried all the “natural” methods available under the sun to attempt to conceive a girl. But when Rashida gave birth to a third boy, it hit home that the so called natural methods were little more than just old wives tales. And this has now led them to measures which many will frown upon, not just in the Middle East, but around the world to say the least. The couple have decided to embark on what can be described by many as a controversial journey to conceiving a girl.

So determined to still fulfil their ambition, the couple are now going down the medical route to conceive a girl. After months of intensive research, they have decided on the revolutionary PGD Gender selection treatment to guarantee that Rashida conceives a girl. After consulting with, a clinic that will provide them the opportunity to receive treatment in Dubai, they have realised that this is the only medical treatment on the market that will guarantee them results. The treatment uses IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatment to extract female eggs to externally grow them into embryos. Once the embryos are a few days old, a method known as Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is used to determine the gender of the embryo. The embryo of the desired gender is then re-implanted back into the mother for successful conception.

This is a relatively new medical procedure which is gradually gaining popularity around the world. The main attraction of the procedure is the fact that the chances of conceiving a baby boy or a girl is pretty much guaranteed. In addition to this, the PGD test also helps to eliminate any genetic related diseases.

But a procedure like this is not something that the Middle East is used to seeing. In fact the Khalil’s cannot even get the treatment in Saudi Arabia, because it is currently prohibited. It is not only dis-allowed in Saudi Arabia, but many other western countries also prohibit the procedure. It is a sensitive subject which people still need to get their head around.

But the prohibition is not going to stop Rashida chasing her dream. The couple is travelling to neighbouring Dubai to undergo the treatment, where it is allowed. She has a long road ahead, but she is willing to make the sacrifice for what she calls a “complete family”.

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