UK; 05, July 2016: The advent of the internet in the nineties of the last cent has slowly and gradually the world into a single close-knit entity. Commercial organizations and businesses, big or small, now have localized branches or offices throughout the world which necessitate them to be familiar with the regional languages and cultures. Awareness of the vernaculars and the social norms or customs of a specific region is imperative if a corporation has to conduct business on a day-to-day basis as well as stay competitive.

However, it may not always be possible for a business concern to devote sufficient time and resources for training staff that’ll be able to deliver translation services. Additionally, recruiting qualified candidates who’ll be on the permanent roll of a company can more often than not be quite expensive and economically draining. In such a scenario, it’d be appropriate to outsource translation and/or interpretation projects to a professional translator.

Aqua Interpreting Group is a well-established translation agency in UK that extends a comprehensive range of translational as well as interpretation services. The agency employs interpreters and translators that are regularly hired by institutional as well as small-time businesses for head to head interpretation/translation sessions. Aqua Interpreting has amassed widespread experience in making available ‘whispered interpreting’, ‘simultaneous interpreting’, and ‘consecutive interpreting’ services.

Each and every team member has to go through a rigorous selection process before he or she is finally recruited on the basis of his/her academic qualifications and professional experience. A typical translator employed by this translation services UK is not only able to converse in one or more language/dialect but also cognizant of the cultures associated with the respective tongues and the attendant niceties. This results in the dispensation of services in an environment that is congenial to both the stakeholders-the service provider and the client.

Aqua has the expertise to advance language services in specialized settings or scenarios relating to police interviews, probation services, mediation services, tribunals, law courts, insurance investigations sessions, employee training and recruitment, and much more. On the other hand, the interpreting service is in a position to translate documents relating to affidavits, wills, trust deeds, tenancy agreements, sale deeds, passports, marketing materials, legal deeds, court documents, insurance policies, and so on. Transcription of audios/video footages of court sessions, business conferences, lectures, documentaries, citizenship interviews, and witness’ statements are taken up as well.

Proofreading of any document or dossier in any language including English is done where proofreaders establish the authenticity or accuracy of the contents. Another area in which Aqua has an edge over its competitors is extending translation/interpretation services over the telephone. The outfit has over 6,000 professionals who’re on standby to translate or interpret telephonically.

About Aqua Interpreting Group:

Aqua Interpreting Group based in Bratley, West Yorkshire has the wherewithal to provide a suite of interpretation and translation services.