July 17, 2015, San-Francisco — AppsMoment has added more than 30 game application designs to their collection of over 200 app building templates, expanding the opportunities for people without technical expertise to learn and create new apps for business and fun.

AppsMoment is a European based company which has helped their 16,000 members to publish 410,000 apps for Apple, Android, Windows and Amazon mobile devices. The members can choose among a hundred of features and create newsstand magazine, game, music, e-commerce, event or business apps and mobile websites.

The company wants to prove that app building is not a rocket science and offers everybody to try their program for free. The website provides easy to follow video tutorials and customer support. With AppsMoment tools, every small business owner has an opportunity to integrate mobile marketing and automation solutions into their daily practices without the need to hire  programmers.

The annual membership costs $49, and among the platform’s users you will find restaurant owners, event planners, high school students and game developers. AppsMoment strives to connect people from around the world in order to make technology available to everyone, regardless of their background, education or geography.

On the other hand, AppsMoment provides white-label plugins for web designers and digital marketing agencies, making their app development process faster and easier.

“I created my first iPhone apps 4 years ago. Without technical skills, it was a long and frustrating process. This is why I have designed a platform for ordinary people without a computer science or engineering degree to easily build apps and to have fun while doing it. I strongly believe that desktops is a thing of the past and want everybody to be a part of the exciting mobile revolution.” said  Maksym Vysochanskiy, the Founder and CEO of Appsmoment.

The popularity of mobile devices is growing exponencionally. Almost 2 billion people worldwide own smartphones and spend close to 3 hours on them daily. Eighty percent of the global Internet surfing is happening through smartphones. No wonder that in 2014 overall mobile  app usage grew by 76%.
Businesses employing apps for customer engagement have a significant advantage over those who don’t. AppsMoment makes app creation fast, enjoyable and affordable for everyone. According to Google Keyword Planner, there are more than 50,000 monthly searches for different variations of the phrase “How to make an app”. Those who find AppsMoment will discover a growing supportive community of modern-day entrepreneurs  and constantly expanding tools to create mobile applications like a pro.

To learn more about the platform, visit www.Appsmoment.com

Contact the founder by email: [email protected] or phone: 380-676722629

The company’s address: Karpenka 12a, 5, Ternopil 46001, Ukraine