Detroit, Michigan — March 24, 2016 — U.S. Publications proudly announces that it’s Criminal Tracker! application for quickly tracking and profiling sex offenders and criminals has been upgraded and improved.  The user friendly app is now easier to use and with only a few clicks can quickly track criminal and sex offenders’ locations within a forty mile radius.

The primary goal of the Criminal Tracker! app is to help keep the public informed and safe by providing accurate information regarding the number of criminals that are located within their communities.  The app provides information on the types of offenses committed and where these criminals are located.  Criminal Tracker! works closely with law enforcement to ensure its database remains current with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available from the National Crime Index.

Simply by entering in a zip code and mile range of up to forty miles, users can view the profiles and locations for all registered sex offenders and other criminals within the specified geographic region.  Users quickly are presented with a graphical map identifying all of the known criminals’ locations.  Additional details are also available including their name, address and a brief profile.

“The enhancements of the new Look Up and More buttons to Criminal Tracker! improve the user experience and provide critical additional information,” said Simon Gojcaj, President of U.S. Publications.  “After a user enters their zip code, they are presented with a map where they can click on specific pinpoints to browse criminal profiles for every offender identified within the Look Up area.”

The More feature provides continued map results and its new filter feature allows the user to focus on a particular type of offense or crime.  For example, this feature allows a user to search for only criminals guilty of sex crimes or known pedophiles.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported that in August of 2012 the total number of registered sex offenders in the United States was 747,408, and that sixty percent of these offenders’ second offenses occur while they were living in a supervised community.  This number has only grown since then and represents just one type of criminal living in communities across the country.

“The Criminal Tracker! app provides a critical and invaluable service to our users,” explained Gojcaj.  “This important app empowers people to take control of their community.  The public has the right to know who their neighbors are in order to ensure the safety of their families.”

Criminal Tracker! is available at the Apple Store for use with the iPone, iPod Touch and iPad.  It requires iOS 4.3 or later and can be downloaded for only $1.99.  The first three searches are free and additional searches are available for a nominal fee.  To download the Criminal Tracker! app please visit!/id490605714?ls=1&mt=8.
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