Guangzhou, China; 29, May 2015: With an attempt to offer kids and players new exciting games, APA GAME believes in diversification of its gaming machine portfolio. The new addition includes Basketball & Football Game Machines that can offer a tremendous excitement and joy to the players of all age groups. The machines can be set to different levels, based on the gaming difficulty and is thus perfect for beginners as well as advanced players.

APA GAME is very popular for its cheap kids redemption game range with a variety of machines that offer different types of gaming opportunities. From fishing redemption game to a football redemption game, there is no dearth of choices, and each game offers the fun and excitement that a gamer often desires for. All redemption gaming machines feature attractive visuals with huge screens and great music and audio that heighten the pleasure of gaming.

Beyond redemption game machines, one can now check their recently added NBA-approved basketball machine that offers a totally different basketball experience to the players. With an online and offline card interaction, the NBA licensed machine offers a high stability connection. The stable machine has a very low failure rate and is remarkable for its attractive appearance and the brilliant lighting effect. The machine can be set for 4 levels of difficulty for one player to double players and even 15 machines can be linked up for a virtual basketball competition.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that new machines are drawing the attention of the new-age gamers. The football game machine is gaining a huge popularity among the football fans around the world. This football redemption game can be played between two kids or adults for an unmatched gaming experience. The machine can be installed in clubs, bars, sports centers and other places where people could participate in a football or soccer mania. The exciting game can engage people and will increase the footfall where the machine has been installed.

All the new gaming machines are priced affordably and are available for the global delivery. To check the price and other details of the machines, one can visit the website


APA Game is a professional game machine manufacturer of all kinds of game machines for FEC. The company sells all kinds of game machines such as 1000 fishing game, kids redemption game, FEC games for children and fast coin redemption game machine. APA Game is located in the largest game machine industrial area of Panyu District, Guangzhou, and cooperated with most game machine manufacturers.

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