02, September 2015: AnyFlip is a free software application that converts PDFs to flipbooks in a matter of minutes. Converting a PDF to flipbook substantially increases the impact of digital media by offering a realistic page-turning experience, rich media content, and easier distribution to readers.

The free software offers myriad advantages to publishers including a customized homepage, embedded virtual bookshelf, subscriber management services, search engine optimization (SEO), easy sharing through social media, and behavorial analytics (reads, homepage views, downloads, Likes, etc.). Documents produced using AnyFlip are readable across a wide variety of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android. Publishers can also monetize their flipbooks through Google AdSense integration and customized advertising banners.

“While the old PDF model merely shares content, flipbooks provide the opportunity for publishers to share an experience,” commented Anna Lee, an AnyFlip representative. “In a matter of minutes, our customers can convert their PDF content into rich-media flipbooks, providing an immersive experience for readers complete with realistic page-turning, animation, and embedded content such as video. Our customers, who include Airbnb, Dell and P&G, are thrilled with the engagement and results derived from converting PDFs to flipbooks.”

The free software is user friendly and makes it easy for novices to design professional, media-rich publications. There are over 10 pre-designed themes available with the software as well as a powerful page editor that breaks down the process of creating interactive digital media into a simple, step-by-step process. AnyFlip can easily and quickly convert PDFs as well as Microsoft Office documents into flipbooks that can be customized with a table of contents and the ever-popular swipe mode to which mobile readers have become accustomed. Flipbooks are the way of the future, and AnyFlip is the future of flipbooks. Visit http://anyflip.com/ to download the free app.

About AnyFlip:

AnyFlip is professional digital software that converts PDFs into interactive Flash and HTML5 flipbooks in minutes. AnyFlip is used and trusted by publishers worldwide, including Airbnb, Dell, and P&G.

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