March 26, 2013 — Antiques and Collectibles HQ is a newly launched blog that provides hobbyists with information on antique furniture, coins, and more in the form of knowledgeable articles. Various selections can be browsed such as antique vases, dolls, sculptures, and other collectibles. Even collectors looking to complete a set with hard to find items can look on the blog and possibly find what they need.

When it comes to antique shows, the blog lists them from all over the world. When there is an upcoming antique or collectible show, articles will be posted to announce it and talk about the perks and unique qualities of the flea market, festival, or auction. In addition, visitors can search the site for items or events they are looking for, in order to quickly get to their destination.

Antiques and Collectibles HQ is more than just a means to locate hard to find items and elusive events. Visitors often have access to reviews not seen anywhere else or the opportunity to network with antique service providers. This chance opens the door to a possible business relationship or a simple trade-off leading to possession of a valuable item, financially or at the very least sentimentally.

Hobbyists and hard core collectors can also post articles online if they want. All have to be completely unique, but anyone with a review, opinion, or news can post it for the antique and collector world to see. There is also a calendar feature to list high profile events, giving visitors a great resource for connecting with the antique and collector world.

For more information on Antiques and Collectibles HQ and the frequently updated blog, visit