Prominent Internet question-and-answer consumer portal Which? has recently published a feature offering five important tips for hikers wanting to enjoy a walking holiday.

The selection of tips offered by this leading customer-advice platform ranges from choice of location to what to pack, where to stay and even which companies to book a walking holiday with. A separate page where products and companies are reviewed and ranked according to scores from both the website’s specialised staff and its consumers and readers complements each of these sections.

One of the most important pieces of advice included in this feature has to do with the proper selection of hiking shoes and boots. Choosing the correct footwear ahead of a walking holiday can have a huge impact on how that kind of activity break eventually pans out, and the reviewing specialists at Which? have discerned that it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money to obtain boots or shoes of a sufficient quality to ensure comfortable feet during a long hike or ramble.

The same principle extends to backpacks, according to the portal’s specialists. Another essential element of a walking holiday, backpacks and rucksacks need to be just as comfortable as shoes. In addition, this particular piece of apparel needs to be accommodating enough for all the basic hiking essentials to fit inside. Fortunately, as the writers at Which? explain, it is possible to find a backpack that provides both these qualities — all it takes is a little research.

The customer portal also advises hikers to pack for all weathers. The climate in any particular destination may seem predictable and stable, but in other parts of the world — Britain in particular — sudden changes in temperature and weather are more than likely, so trekkers should pack to prevent any eventualities.

Finally, Which? recommends that holidaymakers take care to pick the right type of accommodation to ensure thorough enjoyment of their walking break.

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays was one of the companies assessed for this piece, and is one of the holiday providers endorsed by Which?

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