China; 28, October 2015: Filter materials are increasingly in demand for various experiments and practical purposes. For example, in carbon filtering, a platform of activated carbon is used for eliminating impurities and contaminants by chemical absorption. Similarly, the dust filter cartridges also have a number of applications in the present times. Anping County JiuJiu Filter Equipment Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality filter and filter systems. Some of its key products are auto filter elements, filter materials, non-standard stainless steel filter elements, hydraulic oil filter element, dust filter cartridges, etc.

The company also manufactures carbon air filter materials for clientele. It is designed and produced in a manner which eliminates odors while using with fan by activated carbon. It is available in a wide selection of sizes in order to suit almost any fan. There is also 70% open area custom mesh for maximum airflow. With the activated carbon filter, users are also getting up to 4mm columnar carbon or even light granulated carbon. A pre-filter set is also included with several colors for even undertaking OEM orders. It comes with a life span of almost 1.5 to 3 years. With 100% virgin activated carbon, it is hugely in demand at US and European markets.

Anping County JiuJiu Filter Equipment Co. Ltd is also a well known non woven fabric manufacturer. The air filter non-woven is prepared from PET fiber and is categorized under non-glue non woven and glue spray non-woven. In this case, the former is baked as per combination of ordinary PET fiber and ES fiber. It can make use of fiber in various degree of thickness to prepare the filter non-woven of their thickness of 5-30mm which guarantees various filtration effects. Its key characteristics include massive air flow, solid structure, small resistance and easy cleaning procedure.

According to European filtration classification, the air filter non woven filtration can be categorized under G1, G2, G3, G4 and F5. As per China’s filtration classification, it may be categorized as preliminary efficiency, medium efficiency and medium-high efficiency filtration. It has multiple applications and use with panel air filter and pleating panel filter.

Anping County JiuJiu Filter Equipment Co. Ltd is comprised of strong technological strength, sophisticated production and detection equipment. It has a team of qualified and experienced filter research and development personnel. The company has up to 20 well designated distributors all over China. Its products are exported to UK, North America, France, Russia, Germany and other countries of South Asia.

About Anping County JiuJiu Filter Equipment Co. Ltd

Anping County JiuJiu Filter Equipment Co. Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high quality active carbon filter, dust filter cartridge, hydraulic oil filter element, non-standard stainless steel filter element, etc. Visit the website for more information on the products available for sale.

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