AnnupSonii creates a new milestone, hosts 1000th episode of Crime Patrol


With its recreation of real life incidents, credible research, extensive reach and immense popularity, Sony Entertainment Television’s Crime Patrol is the pioneer and the longest running crime show on Indian Television. Over the years, the show has depicted innumerable stories committed in the society that have forewarned and forearmed viewers about the possible danger and criminal activities prevailing in today’s times


While the format has garnered unmatchable viewership, one of the important factors that keep the viewers engaged to the show is AnnupSonii. The undisputable favorite crime show host, Annup has been presenting the series since 2010. He has become a household name with people looking up to him as a trusted guide. His strong connection with the audiences, transfixing storytelling, his baritone voice to his expressive face, has made stories come alive on screen. On 13th August, Anupp achieved a milestone of hosting the 1000th episode and overall the show completed approximately 1200 successful episodes.


Annup says, “Our show is devoid of sensationalizing. We try to keep it simple and real. We have also evolved over time in different ways — be it hosting or approaching a case. I have never been a typical anchor, nor do I preach. I always count myself as a part of the audience and that's been a conscious effort. Every crime happens in a different situation and circumstances. This show is a mirror of society. I never try to judge the victim or the culprit. The sole intention is to make people aware. Crime never pays and can't be a solution to any problem. I am happy to be part of the show since last many years and hope to continue with our sincere efforts for the society.”


Tune in to Crime Patrol every Monday — Friday at 10:30 PM and Saturday — Sunday at 11:30 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television


Atul Malikram


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