Redmond, WA - Forerunner Software, the leading provider of next generation, mobile first, enterprise reporting and embedded business intelligence solutions, today announced the release of Mobilizer version 3.0.

Supporting all the same functionality as Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services, this release of Mobilizer V3 has a faster and more modern user interface optimized for use on all mobile devices and browsers. User adoption of Mobilizer's responsive report layout based on device size has been tremendous and with no per user charges, organizations can now cost effectively transform their business and empower their teams with Forerunner Software's Mobilizer for mobile business intelligence.

Recently a Search Business Analytics article outlines that taking advantage of mobile BI tools may cost companies much less than they imagine. One of the keys the article outlined to the low cost of entry for mobile business intelligence is to leverage business users current use of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, which is exactly what Mobilizer does.

Forerunner Software Founder Jason Carlson states, "Business of all sizes are seeking cost effective ways to enable employees to make better decisions. In addition to keeping people connected to important changes in data with my unique Mobilizer, we also offer special public sector and non-profit pricing that provides a discount on Software Assurance which ensure you receive the highest level of support and access to the latest updates. We also offer volume discounts for purchases of more than 20 cores."

Using the power of HTML5, Mobilizer provides a report viewing and report manager and works great as a standalone or as a set of controls for your project. Mobilizer can re-layout reports on the fly based on device size, making it easy to view and interact with data on any device. The API and UI can be seen on