March 19, 2013 — Explorite, an online service that helps students buy, sell or trade books and other school-related products is now available at Northeastern University. With Explorite, the Northeastern University students marketplace is now on the web where a number of items and services can be purchased, sold or traded.

Created by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumni student from Salem State University, Explorite was launched in October, 2012. Since the launch, the number of universities served by Explorite has continued to grow. By expanding the student marketplace, Explorite brings more options to students from Northeastern University and other institutions together. From selling old books, school supplies, clothing and more, Explorite provides an online platform designed for the student marketplace. Compared to the more limited formats of old-style student bulletin boards and campus websites, Explorite expands the possibilities with a network of other colleges and universities. By placing all the features of a student marketplace into a single website, Explorite brings together more people with an interest in buying or selling college-related items.

Explorite charges no fees for their services. All that is needed is for a student to sign up for free and they can use all the services of the website. A student who wants to sell their books for example simply posts the sale on Explorite where it will remain for 15 days. If another student is interested in the books, they can communicate that to the seller and make an agreement. While Explorite does not handle the actual transaction, the price, shipping or meeting arrangement can be made to properly sell the books. These transactions extend beyond books to other college-related items as well. Explorite is the perfect internet platform for the buying and selling of items that college students need. Plus, trading items is also part of the Explorite platform. Students can actually trade items without using cash in order to get what they need as well.

For students of Northeastern University, Explorite offers a platform for buying, selling and trading school related items. This means that school supplies such as backpacks, notebooks, calculators and even outdated text books that can still be used as study guides qualify for Explorite. Northeastern University students can find a wealth of material available including clothing and accessories that otherwise might not be found on campus. Plus, those who may need extra cash can find buyers on Explorite that otherwise might not be accessible. Currently, tens of thousands of students have access to Explorite and that number is growing with each college and university that is being added. By expanding the marketplace to other colleges and universities, Explorite has expanded the possibilities of students finding what they need. From buying, selling or trading, Explorite is the perfect fit for the student marketplace.

The Northeaster University student marketplace now reaches to other campuses thanks to Explorite. For more information about Explorite you can visit their website. Explorite is free to join and any college student can take advantage of the services that are provided.

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