Larisa Khrupa is pleased to announce the launch of her newly designed Duo Laptop and Tablet Case for secure tablet use on-the-go.

Sunnyvale, CA, May 9, 2016 — This announcement was made on the 3st of May 2016 when the product was introduced into the market. The Duo Laptop and Tablet Case for secure use on-the-go may seem like a new idea, but a lot of thought has led to its design and production, making sure that it accomplishes its objectives.

"Through market research, we've found that products with a similar set of benefits do not exist in the market. As of right now, no competitors have been identified that offer an assembly case that simultaneously simplifies the use of a tablet while eliminating the necessity to execute a host of actions: opening a bag's compartment and taking the tablet out, operating by holding in hands and returning the tablet back to the carrying case after use." Said Larisa Khrupa.

Hands-Free Read&Go Duo Laptop and Tablet Case is unique and multi-function carrying case that the user can quickly access a tablet, securely use it and have a comfortable hands-free experience. It is the first laptop and tablet case ergonomically designed to fit an electronic tablets of different sizes; the main compartment is designed for the laptop, and the external pocket is intended to hold an electronic tablet or reader. The zippered front pocket places a tablet with the case inside assuring:

* A reliable position of the attached tablet case inside the front pocket,
* A stable standing function of the tablet case during use, and
* The varied angled positions of the tablet case.

Duo Laptop & Tablet Case is designed to fit all kinds of widescreen laptops up to 15.6-inches and electronic tablets or readers up to 10.8-inches in size. Larisa added that, " Most of us expect our life to be easier by using the latest and greatest technology devices. But, using tablet devices is far from a care-free let alone enjoyable experience. The problem? Our hands are occupied with holding the device and it's not really protected against occasional falling."

She continued, "the solution? To free your hands from having to hold your tablet, while staying confident that the tablet is secured. We saw the problem and this motivated and inspired us to create an innovative bag that cares about your hands and tablet. We designed this case with your day-to-day activities in mind. We love the convenience the case provides and we hope you will too."

"Check out our crowdfunding campaign to donate and gain launch special pricing on Hands-Free Read&Goâ„¢ case orders. Thank you in advance for any support." Said Larisa Khrupa

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