Shenzhen, Guangdong, June 29, 2013: 

Car Electronics 

Ankaka Launches Car Electronics Multifunctional Electric Car Heating Cup for Car Drivers.Multifunctional electric car heating cup is a perfect utility that allows people to do several tasks in their car. With the help of this car heating cup, people can boil water, make coffee , feed formula for their babies and cook whatever they want. It is made up of all reliable and safe material with PC shell and glass inner that is energy-saving. It has multiple protection function such as anti-electric leakage , low battery protection, anti-dry heating and over voltage protection. And the digital display can keep people inform of the heating process.All in all, it is a must and a convenient self-serving device for car drivers. 

This Car Electronics Key Functions: 

Total digital temperature display
Using safe and reliable material – PC shell and glass inner, which is energy-saving
Bring convenience to hot water drinking, formula feeding, coffee/tea making and noodle cooking for car users
Multiple protection function: Battery low-power protection, anti-electric leakage , anti-dry heating and overvoltage protection

Item specifics From The Factory:

Voltage: DC 12/24V
Capacity: 280ml
Rated Power:75W
Rated Current: 6A/4A
Power Cord Length: 70cm
Operation Mode: Boiling ./ Keeping Warm

Ankaka’s 12-Month Warranty on this “Car Electronics Electric Car Heating Cup for Car Drivers”

This “Car Electronics Electric Car Heating Cup for Car Drivers” is suitable for eBay-type selling / drop ship direct from China. “Ankaka” will not appear on the shipping invoice, the product or in the parcel, so, for drop shippers,the business is protected. 

Ankaka ship this “Car Electronics Electric Car Heating Cup for Car Drivers” to anywhere in the world.

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