Angira’s stress and battle continues to pave her way 
through Beg Borrow Steal-10

~ Her rollercoaster journey continues through the Indian heartland~


After facing defeat previously, Angira is all geared up to accomplish her task successfully this time. Her journey in Beg Borrow Steal — 10 continues towards Sagar, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. Not only does she have to make provision for her meals but also arrange for a place to crash for the night. Angira’s journey gets tougher as it is not easy convincing people around for free stay and food. The next day when she reaches the briefing location, the only Rs.100 she had is taken away from her and the task location is revealed.  


With great efforts she reaches the location - ‘ChanaToria Toll Naka kepaaskekhetmein’, to perform her task with zeal. This time the task is based on the proverb ‘Jiskilathiuskibhains’ and her local competitor is Munni Thakur. The task in divided into two parts: First part is to climb down a ladder into a 70 feet deep well and collect a lathi which will be used for the second part.After retrieving the lathi , they have to tie fodder  on it so that the bhains chases them and completes 3 rounds of the farm. Finally the task ends with tying the bhains in the cowshed. The contender who finishes the task first is declared the winner.


Will Angira be successful in accomplishing the task or again lose face in front of a local competitor.



To find out, tune in to Beg Borrow Steal 10 on Friday, 19th April, 2013 at 7pm!





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