It is official, the final edits are done and Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves are getting all set to release the phenomenal ‘Ramblin’ music video featuring many special guests such as:

The music video was shot over the period of several days with many amazing people helping to make it a fun musical masterpiece.  Shot at various locations in Tennessee, this music video takes you on a journey through several favorite childhood stories we all enjoyed as children.

Lots of talented folks contributed to the making of this video from costume designers to video technicians. The video features AMTW rocking custom clothing designed and provided by Elydjah Design of Paris, France and Bootights, USA.

The ‘Ramblin,’ music video will premiere this month on GAC, Heartland, The Phil Mack International Country Show on Sky TV and ZUUS networks. Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves chose William Wiltshire for his camera work.  Other notable artists he has worked with are Alan Jackson and the B52’s

Attached is the “Ramblin,”( music video.  Be sure to visit Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves at AMTW( and like them on Facebook.  The official release date for the music video is October 27, 2015 which coincides with Hunter's Moon.  Hunters Moon is the first full moon after the Harvest Moon which occurred in September.  Since Werewolves are night hunters, it just makes sense for this new music video for Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves to be officially released on this day.

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